Why Do Scarves Deserve a Place in Your Wardrobe?


Scarves have been long-worn by iconic women like Audrey Hepburn and they instantly add class and poise to any outfit. By highlighting the neck, scarves create a delicate and feminine appeal that easily draws the eyes to you. Even if you choose to wear it as a headscarf, the timeless look will still look as impactful and elegant when it comes to highlighting your face and flattering your hair whether in the summer or winter. 


If you’ve been missing something that ties your look together every time you’re going out, an elegant accessory like the scarf is the ideal way to finish off an outfit. If your outfit is on the neutral color palette side, one of these scarves with its pop of color could be just the missing element to serve your whole ensemble. On the other hand, a colorful outfit could use a basic colored ladies scarf to tone it down and bring its best out. Whether you’re wrapping the scarf around your neck or tying it around your bag, your whole outfit will instantly look complete with this enviable accessory.


Silk scarves have long stood the test of time to prove they can be fashionable throughout the seasons. A rectangular scarf can look spectacular hanging long onto your neck in the summer, providing you with even more breeze paired with your favorite summer dress. It is also perfect to fashion as a headscarf to protect your head and hair from the sunlight and still look elegant, or simply move from your neck to your handbag when it gets hotter. In the cooler months, a silk scarf provides elegance and warmth and is the perfect piece to tie together a winter ensemble.


Scarves move beyond their original function of being worn around the neck, making them the perfect capsule wardrobe essentials. You can find scarves worn in several different ways that are both trendy and unique. From a simple necktie to a shawl to even around the wrist or ankle as your elegant bracelet or anklet, the functionalities are endless and effortless. You can even find a lot of women wearing a scarf as a scarf top during summer days, the pop of color, minimalist and all-so-bohemian look is so flattering, and the boho-chic scarves at Couturelabs can help you achieve that look seamlessly. 

Scarves can take your whole outfit to all these new transformational heights. If you’re about to jam-pack your cart with scarves after reading this, Couturelabs has the ideal collection of scarves to serve all these purposes. You can find the most extensive collection of scarves fashioned in various styles and interesting prints to elevate your appeal and reap the benefits of this versatile accessory. 


Is it Still Fashionable to Wear a Scarf?

Scarves are coming in strong this year, and the great thing about them is the fashion trend lasts throughout the seasons.

How Do You Wear a Scarf Fashionably?

Tie it around your neck, let it drape over your top without tying, tie it around your bag or wear it like a shawl. You could even wear it as a top tied at the back for a boho-chic look. Other options include wearing it as a headband or a hairband.

What Color Scarf Goes with Everything?

Nudes and blacks are always safe choices when it comes to scarves. If you’re looking for a difference, try a navy blue or brown scarf.

How Do You Wear a Scarf Without Appearing Old?

Make sure that the scarf isn’t wrapped too tight around your neck, and leave room for a relaxed look by tying it loose.