Even though plastic packaging represents a small part of the apparels’ life cycle and its impact on the earth, it is often the starting step for the path to sustainability for any brand. In fact, surveys have found that environmentally friendly packaging influences the purchasing decision of many customers.

A common and mostly used alternative opted for by brands for packaging is paper, indeed is better than plastics and is biodegradable. Paperboard cardboard is one of the most common examples of recycled packaging. It’s lightweight and can easily be cut and formed, making it ideal for shipping boxes.

Paper does score better in terms of biodegradability but many of us don’t realise that virgin paper bags actually have higher carbon emissions than their plastic
counterparts in terms of manufacturing. And if you need to protect your products from rains or other damage, plastic is indispensable.

So, while people often ask “what packaging is most sustainable” or “what material is best?” to go for. We say the most factor is to take the first step and understand your brand’s objective and embrace sustainable packaging that works better for your customers and your products.

So, we thought what’s better than paper packaging? Yes, Recycled paper.



1. Recyclable – Paper can be recycled five to seven times on average, so even paper products that are already recycled can often be recycled.

2. Biodegradable – Almost all paper can decompose naturally in six months.

3. Compostable – Clean cardboard can compost in around two months.

4. Renewable – Trees are a renewable, natural resource. Most paper mills manage their own forests, and for each tree they cut down, they plant several more to ensure the growth rate stays stable and environmental impacts remain low.

We have chosen to use recycled boxes for our goodies and for packing our e-commerce orders, we use biodegradable plastic. We use Corrugated boxes for gifting are made from recycled paper, which can be recycled again. We want to reduce our footprint across the supply and delivery chain, we get our outfits and materials that come in recyclable plastics.

We, at Couturelabs, believe that small steps do make a big impact in the long run and recycled packaging is a great way to extend the life of packaging materials.

Couturelabs celebrates individuality in each collection and is created in natural and ethically sourced materials and designed sustainably based on the ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ philosophy, which extends to how we pack and ship our collections.

Order online to join our journey of more sustainable fashion choices!