At Couturelabs, we have a serious case of wanderlust, thanks to our love of tropical sunsets, sunny beaches and earthy forests, boho-chic has a new look!


Inspired by the timeless beauty and shades of nature and cheery spirit of bohemian culture, Couturelabs’ designs are authentic and unique - like a spectacular work of art. Our designs are made from natural fabrics in vibrant colours that inspire you to ‘Love your style’.

We launched the brand to capture the imagination of women who want to express themselves through their own uniquestyle. Because we saw that there are many options for our customers to choose from, but very few authentic bohemian couture that is functional to wear.

They are simply art, we can go on and on. Our artisanal designs like the Citra tunic top is an example and it is inspired by traditional ikat work. Ikat, also known as ‘Iskkat’, originated all over the world, including Southeast Asia, South America and West Africa. It is an ancient art derived from the Malay word ‘Mengikat’, which means ‘to knot’. This Pre-weaving dyeing was part of many cultures until Asians began selling ikat in fine fabrics. Our Citra top is all about the simplicity and beauty of traditional ikat.

It’s not just about traditions and the charm of the past. Dresses like Alessandra inspires the modern vagabond in you. The tile design modern dress is absolutely
comfortable and is inspired by our travels to fashion capitals and arabesque art and mandalas. You will see colours exploding from our designs, they are happy and earthy. You can always accessorise the dresses with our chic bags made of jute, straw and cotton.

We are huge on everyday chic; we want you to have effortless fashion -Our bags, like the Isabella, are both comfortable and trendy at the same time and are the perfect bag to hang over your shoulder for a shopping day.

Basically, our brand was born out of the modern woman’s need to find her individuality, and the artisan-inspired embroidery and stitch work in our designs herald boho aesthetic with a global vision.

When you go on Couturelabs, don’t find anything that is mass-produced or does not have a connection to nature, we want to bring conscious fashion closer to our

Come join us on this journey to find the fashion for your soul