About Us


Founded by fashion high-fashion experts and nature lovers, Couturelabs is an online label from a traditional company from Europe that’s been in the industry since 1982. The ‘Fashion with a Cause’ vision, a passionate multicultural team, and inspirations from the world’s fashion capitals shape our brand in the UAE.

With the “Love your style’’ as our brand motto, our unique bohemian designs with a modern twist seamlessly combine East meets West looks, inspiring the modern free-spirited woman to celebrate her individuality. Our creations perfectly ensemble nature and its elements in cheerful colors and prints while keeping it trendy, functional, and affordable.

About us


Celebrate your own style with designs that have a story to tell

About Us

Brand Value

A fashion brand with a cause

Couturelabs is anchored on the values of diversity, integrity, uniqueness, individuality and empowerment, and focuses on a ‘fashion with a purpose” goal.

We want women to celebrate their own individuality with high-quality fashion.

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Couturelabs aims to become a trendsetter in limited, circular, and inclusive fashion for those with a soul looking for their unique style, as well as create awareness in shaping a better fashion ecosystem in the region.


For those with style and soul

At Couturelabs, we believe we all have a responsibility to the environment and future generations and understand the importance of sustainability in fashion. Thus our materials and designs are sourced and made with respect for people, processes, and the planet we live on. Our collections offer unique style, distinct design, in natural materials and blends, with each piece traditionally designed by artisans.

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Our Materials

From nature to the nature

Most of our designs are made in natural fabrics such as silk, cashmere, wool, and cotton, made using traditional artisanal methods to reduce environmental impact, and are completely comfortable to wear, functional, and durable.

Our Initiatives

Heart Affair - Championing change

We know that the younger generation is the future of our planet and that education plays an important role in shaping their minds. That’s why under our initiative ‘Heart Affair’, we donate AED 10 from every item you buy to various charities that raise awareness and support children’s education. Your donation goes directly to Concern for Humanity in India and Emirates Environmental Group in the UAE.